Tuesday 26 November 2013

Why anti-racism will change Britain

Britain has always declared itself to be the home of the individual but this is ending. Why is the cult of the individual doomed?  It is doomed by the internationalization of the European Union, it is doomed because England has people from overseas in vast numbers who will see no special place for the "English" and doomed because eventually anti-racism will end the class war.  At last the poisonous individualism of the English, placing themselves above others, will be ended.

Britain now has a consensus on internationalism, the Labour Party, the Lib-Dems and the Conservatives all believe in relinquishing sovereignty to Europe and allowing the free movement of labour and ownership in a united Europe.  The BBC has shown that internationalism is the centre ground and the parties have flocked to occupy it. All parties now believe in the steady expansion of European union, over centuries, to encompass the world.  There is no God and so no God given right for the English to pass on "their" country to their children.  The free movement of labour will make this obvious.  All the major parties want to finally stop this crazy inheritance of countries by their populations by sharing England with others.

All parties have finally realised that English institutions such as trial by jury, which embodies a race memory should be abolished and replaced by sensible regulation, that the English village with its cricket green is just a metaphor for classism, that the English landscape is like the pyramids of Egypt, an antiquated monument to the past used as a pretext to deny housing to the people.  All of these will be swept aside by the tide of change.

As Europe becomes united and national differences are erased it will be obvious that inheritance is racism, favouring the family above the people.  Laws will remove the right of children to inherit what their parents stole.

The individual "liberties" such as "free" speech, private wealth and "free" association all underpin the cult of the individual and are inherently racist, putting the self above the other.  "Free" speech is nothing more than the right to offend others, whether a person proposes welfare cuts or trade agreements a group will always be offended and so expose the racism.  This racist ideology contains the seeds of its own destruction as anti-racists use it to free the people.

The battle is between society and individuals.  Individuals seize the land and hoard their wealth whereas people in large groups, who have no wealth, desire the wealth and land to be shared.

Those who seize and hoard believe that others must be less than them because otherwise they would share, as they share with their children.  Those who believe in the cult of the individual are racists by nature.  They want to save their land and wealth to pass it on to their children and keep it from the people at large.  This attitude extends from home to town to nation. It is only through Internationalist Socialism that this cycle can be broken.

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