Saturday 30 November 2013

Racism and truth

One of the greatest victories of anti-racism was the removal of racist attitudes in the Social Sciences.  Most Social Science faculties are now anti-racist and internationalist socialist.

It was the racist works of Jensen in the USA and Eysenck in the UK in the 1970s that precipitated the change.  These authors claimed that their IQ tests showed differences between the races.  They presented the famous "Bell Curve" as a justification of difference.  Social Scientists joined together in condemning this racism.  The supporters of these measurements claimed the defence of "truth" but there is only ideological truth.  The racists were purged from Social Science faculties across the world.

Having shown the racist nature of IQ Tests and other so-called "objective" tests it is now possible to dismiss those who use these reactionary techniques as evil and right wing.

Anti-racism created Social Science faculties that are relatively free from reactionaries.  They now recruit staff who have the correct view of social science.  This has had the the effect of creating teachers who are fully onboard the internationalist, ant-racist agenda and who have produced a generation of children who will change the world.

"Give me the child for seven years,
and I will give you the man."

Victory is indeed near.

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