Wednesday 27 November 2013

Heroes of Anti-Racism: Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman. although educated at private school, is probably the most significant figure in the Socialist changes that have occurred in British society over the past 20 years.

She qualified as a lawyer and was able through her knowledge of law to use the vicarious legal responsibility of employers to entirely change society.

Vicarious liability refers to a situation where someone is held responsible for the actions or omissions of another and is an unusual feature of English law.  It was Harman's genius to realize that employers could be held responsible for the actions and attitudes of their employees beyond the requirements of work.  Any behaviour or speech that contradicted anti-racist principles was made into an offence for which employers could be punished.

It would have been difficult to prevent the rude English from saying things like "You Welsh pig!" in ordinary law but employers could be held responsible for such racist behaviour.  This converted the millions of employers across the country into a hidden police force that ensured good standards of behaviour.

The effect of this legislation has been profound.  Employers are now acting like parents, removing anti-social behaviour and speech from the population, ensuring that the English quietly accept political and social change.

Socialist anti-racism is now able to impose a double effect, importing millions of people from overseas to create diversity and then forbidding the English from voicing their racist objections.  Harman was a genius, achieving the necessary conformity of speech and behaviour in the population without the need for any Gulag or, with the establishment of tribunals, even an open court case.

Anyone but Harman would have legislated for offensive behaviour to be tried in court but she had the foresight to see that incorrect speech and attitudes could be corrected by employers without involving the racist English Common Law.  Harman realized that employers would soon all produce codes of practice for employees that caution against any political or social comments.  This was such a seamless process that within 4 years the young English now have automatically accepted the precepts of the world of employment and do not even realize that anything has happened, employers and teachers have educated everyone under the age of 30 to be Internationalist Socialists and victory is assured.  

Perhaps Harman's greatest achievement is to have abolished the discussion of politics in the workplace.  Political progress occurs as a result of small groups operating in private to secure change by re-directing institutions such as the Labour Party.  The public discussion of "politics" will always offend someone and Harman realised that it is only by eradicating offensive "free" speech that racism, sexism and chauvinism can be abolished.  Now racists who propose leaving the EU to prevent migration or other Nationalist ideas are rightly in fear of their jobs.

Harman has changed the whole of British society.  What a revolutionary!

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