Sunday 1 December 2013

Racistizing the Enemy

How far should we tolerate racism? Not at all! Those who condemn their fellow man simply for moving from one place to another, such as UKIP, should be fully racistized. (Pronounced racist-eyes). Racistize is an ugly new word to describe an ugly event: racism. How do we racistize someone? Most anti-racists know how, they have a visceral resentment of the enemy, placed there by caring teachers and the zeitgeist. They will declare the racist to be beneath contempt and refuse to have contact with them, expelling them from their social circle. Women are particularly good at this technique. There is no political discussion where racism is concerned. UKIP, and most Conservatives are beneath contempt, having nationalist ideologies. As are National Socialists such as the SNP and BNP. Internationalist Socialists understand that irrational ideologies should not be tolerated. A "democracy" that allows the free dicussion of racist ideology is no democracy at all.


  1. The Anti-Racist Front is an admirable resource detailing the success of the International Socialist Movement. Total victory is close but there is another enemy lurking within even committed socialists and that is their speciesism. This needs to be confronted, challenged and overcome. Men and women are not the only animals on Earth. Equality for all creatures! Can we have a new campaign that will Speciestize the enemy?

  2. The anti-vivisection movement has always been a close friend of Internationalist Socialism.