Saturday 30 November 2013

Heroes of Anti-Racism: The British

The British have a special place in the annals of Anti-Racism.  Britain is special because it had a class war that was also a racial conflict.   The British class war originated in the Norman invasion and this led to the upper classes despising the lower classes as rude Saxons and the lower classes despising the upper classes as vicious Normans.

At the start of the "Cold War", Harry Pollitt, leader of the GB Communist Party told the young generation of Socialists: 'Don't join us. Work hard, get good degrees, join the Establishment and serve our cause from within.'   After 1989 and the fall of the Soviet Union we realised that the real battle was about racism, not class, and became post-Marxist to further Socialism.  Now that the struggle has been won we can proudly tell the true story of the battle against the English racists, we fought from within and prevailed.

Some of those who were to become leading members of the British Labour Party such as Peter Mandelson and Charles Clarke made huge sacrifices, training in Cuba in the 1970s to bring this war against the racist English to fruition.  The Soviet Union employed Union Boss Jack Jones to recruit future anti-racists such as Blair and Brown to the cause.  These were exciting times to be involved in the revolution, everyone was on the move and Marxism was changing into Post-Marxist anti-racism.  The crowning glory of this effort and dedication was the Labour election victory of 1997.

There was little time for our heroes to change Britain.  They knew that the most important revolutionary task was to rub the noses of the English in diversity so began the importation of over half a million people from overseas every year to destroy the grip of the English racists.  As Jack Straw put it, "English Nationalism" was the "greatest threat to Britain".  The English were not just a threat within Britain, they had a cult of individualism and had spread this globally, undermining Socialism everywhere.

When New Labour left power in 2010 the population of London was only 40% "white British".  The capital city had been liberated from the "English", this was possibly the greatest social and political change in British history.  A victory that was celebrated in the 2012 Olympic Games.  Britain is now a place where the people are subject to the State, not to tribal affiliations.  It is now free to merge with Europe and create a new centre for Socialist progress in the world.

Although New Labour were the heroes we must not forget the sheer hatred of the ordinary English for the upper classes. Ironically it was the votes of the ordinary racist English that allowed 13 years of New Labour anti-racism that culminated in the replacement of these English tribalists in London and in many other large, British cities.The future looks bright, Labour is no longer dependent on racist English votes but can call on the international population of Britain to be loyal to Socialism rather than to a race and its country or votes motivated by blind racist hatred of the upper classes.

It is only now that Socialism has won such a significant victory that we can truly appreciate the work done by Blair, Mandelson and the other heroes of New Labour.  Finally the English must realise that their children have no special rights to their land, it is the land of the people, all people, and the children of the English must take their place alongside the rest of humanity.  Finally the English have cast their children into the conditions that might be experienced by children in less fortunate places.  Their difference is abolished.


  1. What a complete set of moronic idiots. I have never read so much garbage in all my life. Get a bloody life you morons.

  2. The truth always hurts most. These men have always been true to the cause through thick and thin. Mandelson and Clarke were heroes of the revolution who trained in Cuba, Clarke spent a whole year there. Jack Jones was even more a hero, having fought for the communists in the Spanish Civil War and, unlike many socialists, kept the faith by representing the USSR throughout his life. He recruited Tony Blair and his colleague, Alec Kitson, another man who was true to socialism, recruited Gordon Brown. How dare you call their lives garbage when they have changed the face of England forever?

  3. The irony of talking about wiping out the English while being anti-racist obviously goes right over the head of the author.That the Soviet Empire was just as vicious and evil as Nazism also seems to escape them.

    1. The English were not wiped out, just educated by the force of events. When it became obvious that reason would not change anything we used action.

  4. What a laff! The fake 'socialists' who are really ruthless careerists flood Britain with immigrants to obtain cheap labour for capitalism and these ijiots call it progress.

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