Sunday 1 December 2013

The Anti-Racist Front

"If you oppose anti-racism you are racist."

Once there were tribes and these fought other tribes.  Tribes are the root of racism and war.  We can stop this and have stopped it.

Tribes come from families.  Nations act like families.  Families favour their own children.  This can be stopped.

Until everyone puts their loyalty to work and other people above their loyalty to family there will always be racism.

We can only stop the family by convincing everyone that it is better to put your workplace, party and the brotherhood of man first. Women are leading the way, they are abandoning the idea of family and children and devoting their lives to their employment and putting themselves first.

Anti-racism is putting yourself first so destroying the tribal society that went before.  Socialism will be father and mother to your children there is no need for families and tribes.

Modern anti-racism is not about black and white.  Colour just started the ball rolling.  It is now about Scots, English and Bulgarians, it is about being Internationalist and Socialist, destroying the family so that we can build a new Socialist age.

Had Marx understood the power of anti-racism to change society he would have abandoned the "class struggle", it is anti-racism that is the root of revolutionary socialism.  Anti-racism allows us to show children that their own countries and families are the obstacles to true Socialism and anti-racism has the moral force for us to insist that all teachers instil this message in the children.   Teaching children that racism is the worst crime of all is the path to global Socialist government and enlightened governments everywhere are making their teachers and state media the prophets of this change. Where Marxism failed Post-Marxism has succeeded.

Global Socialism will be free from the divisions that threaten us all.  We Socialists will be able to remove the differences between people so that we can all look to the same enlightenment of material well being and personal satisfaction.  The petty national and cultural differences that separate us will be gone, we will be coffee coloured people and a brotherhood of man.

Eventually everyone will be truly equal, the same.  Discrimination and difference will be a thing of the past, the wise State will govern so that those who want to threaten us with separatism will be punished, not rewarded as at present.  It will be seen that "free" speech was just a way of offending other people and that "democracy" was largely a platform for racist ideologies, Internationalist Socialism being the only ideology of anti-racism. If you oppose anti-racism you are racist.

Now that victory is within sight it is no longer necessary for true Socialists to hide in the shadows and work from within.  We can be proud of our achievements and follow Jack Straw's lead when he publicly announced that he was proud to be a Stalinist, credit can be now be given to the true movers and shakers in the New Britain.

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